How does the interior design process work?


Get Organized
  • Make a list of your design goals and how you plan to ultimately use the space.  Don’t feel pressured to have a space that is “supposed to be” a certain way.
  • Be realistic of your lifestyle so the design can be suited to your needs.
  • Decide on a budget.  If you’re not sure where to start, a spreadsheet can be provided with recommendations and estimated costs.


Get Inspired
  • Collect inspiration images that you gravitate towards. It does not need to be specific to each furniture piece – just gather what you like. This will help determine your design tendencies in regards to color choices, fabric patterns and design styles. The inspiration images chosen will help shape the design of the project and will effectively communicate your design goals.
  • Great resources for inspiration images include Pinterest and Houzz or you can go the old fashioned route with architectural and design magazines.


Design Consultation
  • A 30 to 60 minute consultation will be set up in your space to discuss your inspiration, wish list, time line and budget.
  • Discuss your needs: How do you plan on using the space? Do you have children or pets? Do you like to entertain? Will the space serve multiple purposes?
  • A design proposal will be e-mailed following the first meeting, which will outline the working arrangement including a list of services to be rendered as well as the design fee.


Space Planning
  • A site measurement will be performed once the design proposal is approved.
  • Design layouts will be drafted in AutoCAD. Professional drawings of your space will ensure everything fits as expected and will result in a space that is properly proportioned and harmonious.
  • Now to the fun part!


Concept Development
  • Furniture and material sourcing will take place after the drawings are approved, Care will be taken to ensure the project stays within budget while achieving the design goals.
  • Present design concept to the client. The presentation will include all furniture, fabric and material options for the complete design of the space. Some clients prefer an e-mail of the presentation, while others prefer to review in person. It’s all up to you!
  • Contact contractors to get pricing. If you do not have a contractor, several options can be provided. All of which offer fair pricing and quality work.


  • This is the home stretch!
  • Purchasing, administration and order-tracking will all be handled by Lisa Dreissig Design Studio. All you need to do is sit back await delivery!


  • The hard work is about to pay off! Whether your project involved construction of an outdated kitchen or it was a redesign of your family room, this is the moment you have been waiting for!
  • Furniture and materials will be placed according to plan • Accessories and artwork will be carefully added to personalize the space. Family photographs, personal collections and coffee table books based on your interests are all great ways to personalize your space. Beauty is in the details and we will make sure your space is polished, refined, stylish and functional.


  • The space of your dreams is now a reality and you can enjoy it for many years. Incidentally you have increased the value of your home and have made resale much easier in the future. But let’s be real – will you ever want to move out of your beautifully designed home?