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Material Selection


Material selection plays two important roles in the outcome of your design. The first is the mood the material conveys. Choosing the right materials can achieve the results you are looking for. Whether it is a comfortable family room, sleek kitchen, rustic bathroom or luxurious bedroom. The selection of materials is one of the most crucial components in creating a cohesive design that expresses the homeowner’s personality and uniqueness. The second, and sometimes more important, role is the practicality of the materials. There are many considerations when determining the types of materials to choose. Children, pets and the intended use for the space make a big difference in choosing appropriate materials. Durable and easy-to-clean materials are an important factor for many clients.


Lisa Dreissig has numerous relationships with the area’s top vendors and showrooms. If you are looking for the perfect fabric, flooring, counter top material, stone or any other material you can be assured that Lisa has the resources that will help you achieve your goals. Lisa maintains a working knowledge and stays ahead of the curve by attending workshops and demonstrations to see the latest releases and newest technologies.