Insider Savings Program

Partner with Lisa Dreissig Design Studio and become an Insider!

The Insider Savings Program is an exclusive benefit for project-based clients of Lisa Dreissig Design Studio.

Contractors, retailers and showrooms provide trade-only discounts to companies that are part of the interior design trade. Becoming an Insider gets you access to these exclusive trade-only discounts.

We will proudly pass along 100% of these discounts to you.

Insiders typically save an average 20% on the total project budget by partnering with Lisa Dreissig Design Studio.

Many clients actually reduce their overall project budget by becoming an Insider. Complete the form below to see how much you can save!


How many rooms would you like designed?

Typical design fee per room:

  • One room $3,000
  • Two to five rooms $2,400 (20% savings)
  • Six or more rooms $2,250 (25% savings)

What is your total estimated project budget?

Budgets vary based on project needs. The estimates below are realistic starting points per room:

  • Living Spaces $7,500 and up
  • Bathrooms: $10,000 and up
  • Kitchens: $20,000 and up

Let’s get to know each other. May we have your name?

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You can expect to save up to on your estimated budget with the Insider Savings Program.

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Examples of Discounts

Restoration Hardware

25% Discount


50% Discount

Furniture & Fabric Showrooms

Up to 50% Discount

Kitchen & Bath Showrooms

Up to 20% Discount