It’s been a happy 14 years.

This past Wednesday Ryan and I celebrated our 14th (!) anniversary. We’ve been together for 14 years, but married for three years. It’s so wild to me that I’ve known Ryan for half of my life, that we’ve been together for so long and that we’ve already been married for three years. I’m sure I’ve said this before but when I first met Ryan I did not think we’d be together for so long. He was my first boyfriend and I just thought he was going to be a summer fling. Because realistically who marries their high school sweetheart?! When we first became friends, I was madly in love with him. I can clearly remember asking my mom to stop at CVS one night before I saw Ryan because I wanted to buy Strawberry Kiwi lipsmackers in case he kissed me. Of course I didn’t tell my mother that, but I remember feeling giddy buying it. It feels like just yesterday.

Fast forward 14 years and we spent our anniversary lounging in our PJ’s with our new baby boy. No one prepared us for the intense amount of love we would feel for this little guy. I read a quote online that said “Don’t marry a man unless you would be proud to have a son exactly like him.” This quote couldn’t be more appropriate for Ryan and Cole. If Cole grows up to be exactly like Ryan, then I’ve done something right in my life. I am one lucky woman with two boys that I am so grateful to call my tiny little family.


fairytale of new york

Gapstow Bridge in New York City

Months ago I looked everywhere online for an artist that photographed the Gapstow Bridge in NYC but had little luck. The first traditional wedding  anniversary gift is paper and I wanted to give Ryan a gift that was sentimental to our relationship. Ryan proposed to me on this bridge, and later surprised me with a room at The Plaza (seen in the background of this photo). I eventually came across this print on pinterest by accident a few weeks ago and couldn’t believe how perfect it was! I also bought a frame but haven’t decided where to put it yet. Maybe it is a gift for me too, but it’s a sweet reminder of how our story started.

(Oh, and Ryan got me tickets to see Wicked. Something I’ve wanted to do for years.) :)

wedding anniversary

This past weekend Ryan and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary in a sweet little B&B in New Hope, PA. I can’t believe it’s been a year since we got hitched! Everyone says how quickly time goes by and it’s true  – I seriously still can’t believe that I’ve known Ryan for 13 years, that we’ve been together for 12, and that we’ve been married for one. In all the years we’ve been together, and all the little getaways we’ve been on, this weekend was one of my favorite trips. Ryan describes the teeny city of New Hope an “idyllic” place and I couldn’t think of a better word. The main street runs parallel to the Delaware River and is lined with art galleries, antique stores, and quaint restaurants. Not even threats of a Nor’easter, flooding or torrential downpours could ruin this.

We spent our first day doing a wine tour and visiting local vineyards. We learned the process of making champagne, which wines pair best with chocolate or cheese, and how to properly drink a glass. That night we window shopped in the rain, and had a romantic candlelit dinner chatting about how quickly the past year has gone and what we hope to do this upcoming year.
Each day we woke up super early excited to eat breakfast and start the day. We spent hours antique shopping, visiting a local museum, eating and drinking. Most of the trip was based around what we were going to eat at our next meal. :) We both just love the area and can’t wait to go back!

Ryan and Lisa holding an umbrella in the rain at a Bucks County, PA vineyard


Porches B&B - New Hope, PA

Room 4 Porches Bed & Breakfast - New Hope, PA

Silver Platter at Porches Bed & Breakfast - New Hope, PA

Soap Dish at Porches Bed & Breakfast - New Hope, PA

Vintage artifacts at the Mercer Museum in Doylestown, PA

Wallpaper Plate at Mercer Museum in Doylestown, PA

Cute "Rain, Rain Go Away..." sign at store in Lambertville, NJ

happy ten years!

April 23 will forever be a special day for me. Exactly ten years ago, Ryan asked me to be his girlfriend after being best friends for so long. There was quite some time where he just saw me only as a best friend, but as soon as I met him I knew I would eventually love him. As innocent and naive as I was at 15 years old, I’d go over his house nearly every day helping him with his homework, wearing my strawberry-kiwi lipsmackers hoping today would be the day he’d kiss me. In the past decade, we’ve grown a lot as people and even more importantly, as a couple. We’ve experienced deaths of family members, births of our adorable nephews, college, and careers and through it all have learned to communicate and love even more. I am incredibly proud to call Ryan my fiancee, because he is the most loving, caring, silly and selfless person I have ever met in my life. He has a great positive energy that instantly makes people feel at ease and I’m thankful that I will have him in my life forever. Next April 23, Ryan and I will (finally) become husband and wife. April 23 will forever be a special day for me.

(photo taken in central park right after he proposed!)