snowy day soup

It’s been snowing/raining all day and it’s making me more anxious for the spring to get here! Today was the perfect day for a spicy tomato soup lunch!

Picture 2

I’ve had this recipe stored in my recipe book for about a year now, and have been waiting for the perfect day to make this savory cold day treat. All of the ingredients were items I always have stocked in my pantry, so it was super easy to make, and was really filling for even a quick after work dinner. I didn’t add the beans into the soup because we’re not really ‘bean’ people. The recipe doesn’t say, but I cooked the pasta directly in the soup. The starch from the pasta adds a nice consistency to the broth.

Before I made the soup Ryan kept saying if he wanted tomato soup, he would just have Campbell’s we have in the pantry (brat). Even though he originally said he didn’t want any, he devoured a spicy bowl in record time, and even gave me the sly smile when I asked how it was. Why couldn’t he just give me the satisfaction…? The soup is amazing!


I love making soups, sauce and stuffed peppers to freeze. There’s something about a stocked freezer that makes me feel so damn good.