halloween decorations

Fall is by far my favorite time of year, and I’ve always been a fan of Halloween. Now that we’re in a house, we’re planning our first Halloween party and I’ve been gathering some inspiration for decorations and recipes. This first photo is so creepy, and perfect for our attic window. I keep giggling thinking about my nosey neighbor calling the police on me for having someone “hanging” in my attic.

Halloween decorations - person hanging in window

Halloween decoration ideas - black crows with spider webs

Halloween appetizer ideas - Brain cupcakes

(all photos via martha stewart)

inspiring studio apartment

I’m always on the hunt for photos of clever studio apartments layouts and A Life More Fabulous never fails me when it comes to inspiring me!  (I’m also loving this apartment tour!) Having lived in a studio for the past 3 years, I understand the challenges all too well. Honestly, I am not worried about any challenges that Ryan and I might encounter, because if we can live in a studio together, all while being laid off looking for jobs… well, than we can get through anything. Right? But that’s besides the point.

How stylish is this space? It’s important not to use too much color when decorating a small space. If you use several colors in one space it doesn’t allow you eyes time to rest, but this chic studio apartment is the perfect balance of using calm neutrals infused with color! I also love the untraditional living area layout with the chaise in front of the media cabinet. I wouldn’t mind living here!


If I had one store to furnish my entire house, it’d be Interieurs. This week, I visited their new showroom in New York and left wanting every single item. They’re aesthetic is a mixture between vintage industrial with a bit of glamour. An odd mix, I know. The colors and materials used are so beautiful – I especially love their linens!

Sorry about the small photos! I took them with my iPhone and the quality wasn’t so great.

throw pillows

The holidays were absolutely wonderful! I love being able to turn my phone off and just enjoy lounging in my PJs and watching movies. I watched Along Came Polly (again!) and thought this scene was pretty funny. Do you have tons of throw pillows on your bed? I personally think they’re a waste of space, especially if you don’t use them other than for looks! Right?


diy christmas ornaments

Almost every ornament on my Christmas tree has a story behind it. There’s our first baby ornaments, an ornament we got in London, and vintage ornaments from our Grandmothers. Whenever Ryan’s sister had her boys, we started a tradition of making ornaments with them every year. It’s fun to take the decorations out of their boxes and remember the little laughs they had from the first time they used glitter, or the creativity they had from painting them. It’ll be fun one day to eventually include our kids in our yearly tradition!


Their first ornament – pinecones with glitter paint!


Cinnamon and Apples gingerbread men (the most amazing scent!) – One part cinnamon, one part applesauce mixed well until it’s dough-like. Roll with rolling pin and cut out shapes with cookie cutters. Use the tip of a straw or toothpick to poke hole for hook. Set shapes aside to dry!


Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer – Made with three clothes pins (this is one of my favorite ornaments!)


Snowflake  – Made of popsicle sticks (they are hard to find in a craft store, so I’d look online. Sorry, I can’t remember where I bought them!)


Angel’s Feather – This year’s ornament! We bought empty glass balls at Pearl Arts & Crafts and sprinkled about 2 teaspoons of white glitter “angel dust” and one white feather.

I figure I only have a few more years of making ornaments with the kids until they’re “too cool” for their Aunt and Uncle. Although, Tyler, 8, says he’ll still want to make them with us when he’s married. So sweet!