haunted house

This Friday I’m hosting my first Halloween party and I couldn’t be more excited to dress up! I’ve always loved the holiday that gives people an excuse to let their crazy out, and a day where you can eat candy and the calories don’t count. I used simple decorations that are subtle and will make people take a second look, like the body in my side table or the realistic looking rat under my kitchen cabinets. I can’t wait to scare the people I love so much!

Halloween decorations - black candles

Black glitter pillar candles in vintage candle holders.

Halloween decorations - Scary picture that moves when it detects sound

Deadly wedding photo that tilts when someone walks by it.

Halloween decorations - black crow

Black crow tucked into the family room book shelves.

Halloween decorations - black skull

Glitter skull on the living room side table.

Halloween decorations - spider webs

Spider webs on picture frames in the family room.

Halloween decorations - gourds and votive candles

Simple centerpiece of teeny pumpkins and candles.

Halloween decorations - fake arm coming out of chest

A fake arm in our side table/chest. I thought it was funny because Ryan has a similar shirt to this. Late at night I forget this is here and it scares me every time.

faux fireplace

In our new place (eek!), there is a faux fireplace with a beautiful mantle screaming to have red Christmas stockings hung from it. I was going back and forth on how I actually wanted to decorate it. Originally I was thinking I could fill it with simple white candles, but I think we’re going to buy birch logs in it like this photo below. I feel like the wood will add warmth to the room, and it’s proving that it’s not trying to be something it’s not.

(photo via younghouselove.)

and so this is christmas

There’s nothing more relaxing than the glow of  a Christmas tree. Well, maybe enjoying the glow with a glass of wine, but that’s besides the point. Christmas is my favorite time of year, and I love decorating with family ornaments that are 50 plus years old. I’ve never been a fan of designer Christmas decorations where everything matches. I love our decorations because most of them are handmade either by family members or ourselves and remind us of the Christmases shared with loved ones. Every year the glittery pasta on elementary school ornaments still make me smile.