the blue house

Since we’re waiting for the floors to dry, we’re spending some time on the exterior to give it a bit more curb appeal. The front of the house gets amazing sunlight the majority of the day, but there was a small section of the wood shingles that had peeling paint from age. After taping a drop clothe to the foundation to protect the soil below, we scraped the chipping paint, and then repainted this section.

Ever since we started working on the house, the neighbors have slowly started their own projects and Ryan thinks we’re inspiring them. I’m excited to see how much inspiration I give them tomorrow afternoon when I completely landscape the front garden.

Scrapped off exterior paint

modern garden.

With the warmer weather approaching, and all things beautiful starting to bloom, I’m lusting after having a garden of my own. Along with having a dishwasher, a fireplace, and an actual bedroom, I’m really looking forward to getting my hands dirty in a vegetable garden. These spaces are successful living environments because they all have designated areas that create visual interest and purpose.

(first two images via door sixteen. all others via google.)