the color of spring.

I’m sitting with the windows wide open… as open as they can possibly be. I love the smell of spring, especially now because it’s mixed with the smell of our neighbor doing laundry. (yum!) It seems like overnight everything is blooming here in the NY area, so this post is inspired by the amazingly exciting color of forsythia’s.

Bright yellow forsythia with blue sky in background


Growing up, the gigantic forsythia bush on my quiet suburban street was always my manhunt hiding spot of choice. This polaroid warms my heart.

Grey and gold room with a succulent plant in yellow pot

[unknown source]

Yellow, navy and white baby's room


There are few images that actually give me butterflies. This one somehow does it… the stripes and modern crib mixed with the vintage dresser are so chic!



Black cinder block wall with vintage yellow chair

[brooklyn modern]

Probably not an interior I’d have in my own house, but I love the industrial look of the cinder blocks with the old school velvet chair.



Yellow sofa, zebra print rug, tall windows and ornate molding


This long with the striped ceiling were shot from the same house ¬†belonging to Jenna Lyons, Creative Director of J.Crew and was featured in Domino last year. My all time favorite bathroom was also included in this house, but I’m waiting to post with a bathrooms post. :)

Brown couch with yellow throw pillow and yellow coffee table