pop art halloween costume

Before the craziness of last week, Ryan and I had our annual Halloween party. I dressed as a Roy Lichtenstein painting but no one knew who I  was and they were just creeped out by my makeup. I wasn’t going for a scary costume but I guess that worked! I look so silly but it was fun to dress up and be in a different character. Did you see any halloween costumes that were creative this year? I’m already thinking about next year and love this one, this one, this one and especially this one!

Roy Lichtenstein Pop Art DIY Homemade Halloween Costume



happy halloween

On Friday we had our first Halloween party, so of course I went crazy with cooking Halloween themed goodies. I’ve been collecting ideas from magazines and these are just some of the treats from the party.

Halloween appetizers - olive and fresh mozzarella eyeballs

Marinated eyeballs.

Halloween appetizers - severed finger butter cookies with almond fingernail and raspberry jam blood

Severed finger cookies. (…which are a lot harder to make look real than the magazine leads you to believe.)

Halloween party ideas - fake snake wine charms

Fake snakes as wine charms.

Halloween appetizer - mud & gummy worms

“Mud” with gummie worms. (It’s just chocolate pudding and crushed up oreos.)

Halloween costumes - Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein

Oh, and that’s us. The newlyweds. :)

haunted house

This Friday I’m hosting my first Halloween party and I couldn’t be more excited to dress up! I’ve always loved the holiday that gives people an excuse to let their crazy out, and a day where you can eat candy and the calories don’t count. I used simple decorations that are subtle and will make people take a second look, like the body in my side table or the realistic looking rat under my kitchen cabinets. I can’t wait to scare the people I love so much!

Halloween decorations - black candles

Black glitter pillar candles in vintage candle holders.

Halloween decorations - Scary picture that moves when it detects sound

Deadly wedding photo that tilts when someone walks by it.

Halloween decorations - black crow

Black crow tucked into the family room book shelves.

Halloween decorations - black skull

Glitter skull on the living room side table.

Halloween decorations - spider webs

Spider webs on picture frames in the family room.

Halloween decorations - gourds and votive candles

Simple centerpiece of teeny pumpkins and candles.

Halloween decorations - fake arm coming out of chest

A fake arm in our side table/chest. I thought it was funny because Ryan has a similar shirt to this. Late at night I forget this is here and it scares me every time.

halloween decorations

Fall is by far my favorite time of year, and I’ve always been a fan of Halloween. Now that we’re in a house, we’re planning our first Halloween party and I’ve been gathering some inspiration for decorations and recipes. This first photo is so creepy, and perfect for our attic window. I keep giggling thinking about my nosey neighbor calling the police on me for having someone “hanging” in my attic.

Halloween decorations - person hanging in window

Halloween decoration ideas - black crows with spider webs

Halloween appetizer ideas - Brain cupcakes

(all photos via martha stewart)

halloween weekend recap

I had such a fun weekend, and I hope you did too! Friday night we went to a friends costume party and ended up getting home in the wee hours of the morning. Some people didn’t know who we were (princess peach and mario, duh!) but we had a great time! I can’t wait until I have a house to have annual halloween parties.

Halloween costume ideas - Mario and Princess Toadstool

On Saturday, Ryan and I went to his nephews to put on a halloween skit of Mario Brothers. We’re all sort of video game nerds and Ryan was super excited to share his 80’s video game love with them.

Halloween costume ideas - Mario and Baby Luigi

Alex (Luigi) and Ryan

Halloween costumes - Bowser and Princess Toadstool

Kids never cooperate for pictures, so these are the only decent shots I got of Tyler’s Bowser costume that took me hours to make. He’s lucky I love him so much, because I’m never doing this again. (That’s me as princess peach!)

Bowser Halloween costume - homemade!

Tyler as Bowser, Mario and Luigi’s arch nemesis!