not so solitary confinement

I am very indecisive, and even after the hours spent online looking at honeymoon locations we still aren’t set on a destination. Although we’ve been to London before, I was very intrigued by this hotel during my research.

An hour outside London, in historic Oxford, this castle-turned-prison-turned-boutique hotel is the perfect place to lock ourselves away! Built in 1230, this fortress was used to lock up murderers with amenities including dungeouns and chains. In 1996, it was revamped for a much different clientele with its young and quirky design. The building retains much of its original architecture, including the central 3 tiered corridor and original iron doors as an entrance to your moody “cell”.






the plaza, nyc

After the initial shock of the huge event in our lives, Ryan said he had another surprise for me. He secretly booked a room at The Plaza for the night and he even packed a bag without me knowing. So his plan wouldn’t get discovered, the little sneak even went as far as to buy new PJs, toothbrushes and toiletries so I wouldn’t realize things were missing from our bathroom! How cute is that!?!

Now, some may say it’s a little strange, but every since I saw Home Alone when I was 9, I’ve wanted to stay at The Plaza during the holiday season. After the most recent hotel renovation, they turned hotel rooms into condos so I thought my dream of staying at The Plaza would never happen.  But then Ryan surprised me and told me we were going to stay there (apparently they only converted some of the rooms)!

Checking in to a five star hotel is not something I’ve ever done before, so as soon as we walked through the lobby I was smitten. I couldn’t stop smiling!









After we checked out of the hotel, we went for a walk in the park again and saw a heart etched into the bridge at the exact spot Ryan asked me to be his wife (eek!). Everything was so perfect, it seems too good to be true!

ace hotel NY

Roman & Williams is arguably the year’s hottest design team. This spring, they completed the interiors for the Ace, the first East Coast hotel from hip Seattle brand run by Alexander Calderwood.


Lobby of the Ace Hotel features salvaged paneling from a Park Avenue apartment and rehabbed vintage furniture.

roman ace lobby2

roman ace lobby

Two vintage steel worktables from Brimfield Barn serve as reception desk. They have been refinished and fitted with a classic leather top.

roman ace 209

Each room has an original artwork. For 209 (above), Stephen Alesch of Roman &Williams painted his piece A Painting of a Tornado Ripping Through a Small Town directly onto a sheet of industrial wood.

roman ace bath

Rooms are are thoughtfully designed as the design team wanted to create an environment that’s hard to place in a time period.

roman ace lets get lost

Let’s get lost.

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