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What I love most about my “job” is the amazing people I meet on a daily basis. With every new project I get to learn about how the client uses the space, or what their individual needs are and you’d be surprised how different each and every story is. Last month I met with a new client and we ended up talking for hours about everything from textured wall paper to parenting techniques. Somehow my conversations are always very random. :) I am designing a home office for an incredible family right outside of Manhattan and I am so, so excited about it! Below is the inspiration my client sent to me via pinterest. It’s amazing how technology is changing how we communicate and develop relationships, don’t you think? Anywho, how amazing is this space?!

home office


r + l . wedding inspiration

I’m really excited to share this inspiration board for our wedding! We don’t want to have a theme but we’re drawn to the deep plums and grey neutrals in these images. (And by we, I mean I love them and Ryan just agrees.) While we originally planned on having our wedding at a local museum, we had cold feet about having a party in an unconventional location. The thought of having to coordinate everything the day of the wedding stressed us both out. We thought it would be easier to host the party in a venue that includes tables, chairs, china, etc., instead of having to rent and deliver everything seperately.

After some more research by my amazing sister and “wedding planner”, we found a beautiful location to get married! (We will not change our minds again, promise.) Ryan and I will be exchanging our vows outdoors with a backdrop of exotic plants and trickling modern waterfalls on our 11th anniversary, April 23, 2011.

wedding mood board.pptx

Click here to enlarge the mood board by penny rounds.

a must read: nonpareil

I’m loving online publications of magazines, and now that I’ve got wedding fever, I’m all over Nonpareil! This isn’t just another pretty magazine with inspiration images, it’s a useful tool when planning your wedding with DIY projects for crafters of all skill levels.

nonpereil lifemorefab

Even if you’re not getting married, these images are an excellent inspiration for dinner parties, too! I love how this setting looks like the dinnerware are a mixup of family heirlooms!

monday morning blues

Today at 4pm I will be having a wisdom tooth pulled because I have a bad cavity. My first cavity ever, and I’m really, really scared. To those of you who have experienced childbirth, I’m sorry for whining like a baby. But, having something removed from my mouth (without health insurance to boot!) scares the hell out of me.

With that said, these interiors give me the warm and fuzzies even though I’m terrified that it is now Monday, November 9th, the day I have a tooth pulled.

monday blues via dress design decor

dress design decor

I wish I could find an amazing lamp like this at a flea market, although I must say it needs a larger shade. I’m just sayin’…

blue bed

Blue gray living roomcrop

Blue nursery


kelly wearstler rest

kelly wearstler


roman and williams

funny farm

This month Ryan and I have been passing a cold back and forth to each other, and it’s not fun. I somehow lost my voice this weekend, so I’ve caught up on my favorite blogs, magazines, and TV in hopes that by being quiet I could speak again soon. (p.s. I think R is enjoying my being quiet a little too much)


Watching Funny Farm made me wish I had a country house like this, with it’s beautiful aged wooden shingles and front porch. I wish I could be drinking my peppermint tea sitting in those chairs! Loving Chevy Chase’s flannel too!