our wedding: us

When you have almost two thousand pictures to look through, it’s hard to pick your favorites. And even after looking through all those pictures, I still feel like the day was such a whirl wind and that that woman in the white dress isn’t even me. Is that crazy? Yes.

Below are some of my favorite photos of just me and Ryan. After the first look, we were fortunate enough to have the rain clear up to take pictures outside.  (I guess I was too stubborn to acknowledge the whole “April showers bring May flowers” bit.) Luckily with the grey skies and a coolness in the air, it made for even better photos.

(all photos via John DeFiora Photography.)

our wedding: the first look

It’s hard to believe that Ryan and I have almost been married for two months. But I suppose after being together for so long two months just kind of feels that way. I’ve looked through our photographers photos of our wedding more time then I can count, laughing and tearing up at the same photos. This week I’ll be posting photos of my favorite moments from our wedding day.

Since Ryan and I hosted the ceremony and reception at the same location, and since it was pouring the morning of the wedding, we did “first look” photos in the lobby of the hotel where we spent the night. The grand staircase is so beautiful and walking down all those stairs (in 4 inch heels!) built up the anticipation even more. I think the first thing I said to him was, “wow, you’re butt looks so cute in that tux”. Classic me. And it was true. I own that tush now.

ryan’s birthday experience

Do you ever have those night’s where you’re with friends and your stomach hurts from laughing so much, and your face hurts from smiling? This was my weekend.

Instead of buying our friend’s birthday gifts, we all do a “birthday experience” to try something new together. Last week was Ryan’s birthday and since we’ve been trying to convert our friends into camp enthusiasts, this was the perfect excuse to get them outdoors. After all, they had to for Ryan.

This trip was pretty low key since we didn’t want to scare off the new campers. We went for a short hike, played an intense game of wiffle ball lakeside and spent the evenings fishing at sunset. I caught two fish, hooked Ryan’s shorts and my brother in law’s ear. They were all cute, but I threw them all back in to the lake.

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blueberry picking

It’s Sunday morning, and I’m sipping coffee snuggled up under a blanket on Ryan’s big man chair. I’m enjoying one of those weekends where you spend your days in the sun after lazy mornings. Ryan and I are babysitting his nephews for the weekend. They still somehow think that our studio condo is exciting, and that we’re the coolest people ever. When they’re teenagers, that’ll eventually change but we’ll savor the moments until then. (Just now, Alex said under his breathe, “I love you, Lisa”. I don’t even know if he meant for me to hear.)

I want them to grow up with great memories of times with us, and to feel comfortable talking to us when they don’t always want to talk to their parents. Yesterday was a perfect summery day to take the boys blueberry picking, a memory I have from being a young girl. The day started out with whining (“But I don’t want to drive an hour!”, “But I don’t even like blueberries”, “But I just want to play video games”) but ended up with a confession to liking blueberries (I have proof on video), that trying something new was fun, and two tired boys napping in the back seat. Success!

A winery on the way to the farm. I’d like to show this to people when they talk negatively about New Jersey.

Chicken coup. Tyler kept saying how he wanted my chicken cutlet for dinner, and Ryan said this was dinner. He’s already starting with the old man-awkward Uncle jokes.

My prize winnings. I can’t wait to make blueberry muffins, scones, pancakes… if they make it that long.

The beautifully relaxing field.

I tried taking a picture of the chicken on the fence, but he jumped at that moment to chase after Alex. Whoops!

cape may

While we were in Atlantic City, we decided to take a road trip to Cape May, NJ. It’s a quaint little beach town at the most southern tip of the state. They have sweet antique stores, ice cream shops and streets filled with mom and pop shops. Needless to say, this is a beautiful town with history. We didn’t do our research and, unfortunately, it was pretty much a ghost town and everything seemed to be closed until Memorial Day. Ryan and I drove around and enjoyed the city typically known for it’s Victorian architecture.

The photos aren’t the most artful because they were taken as we were driving by. I found it interesting that most of the homes had pathways of broken seashells, instead of gravel. Isn’t that a great idea?

granny chic cafe

Last night, I had the most lovely dinner with my BFF(+E!) from high school. We haven’t had enough quality time, and it was nice to sit and talk for two hours about some old memories and what’s new in our lives. Whenever we go out for coffee or a quick dinner, I always suggest Van Gogh’s Ear in our hometown because of its relaxed atmosphere and delicious food. I’m a creature of habit and always order the same thing – penne with pink basil sauce and chocolate mousse cake for desert. My favorite thing about this hole in the wall place is the decoration. The granny chic furniture is a mish-mash of furniture either from garage sales or thrifty finds, but I love how everything just sort of fits. Even the dishes and silverware are mismatched, and it almost makes you feel like you’re eating at your grandmother’s house. Plus, any coffee shop that has board games to play while you sip your decaf black tea (with honey) gets an A+ in my book.

Van Gogh's Ear - Union, NJ

Van Gogh's Ear - Union, NJ

Van Gogh's Ear - Starry Night - Union, NJ

Van Gogh's Ear - Union, NJ

Van Gogh's Ear - Union, NJ

Van Gogh's Ear - Union, NJ

Let me introduce you to my little slice of heaven. (My diabetic grandmother would say it’s better than sex, no joke.) No one gets my obsession with chocolate mousse, but this one is seriously the best. It was recently taken off the menu, and I got to enjoy one of the very last slices they had. So sad, but it’s probably for the best. I do have to fit into a wedding dress soon!