art inspiration

I can’t believe August is almost over and I’ve only crossed two things off my summer to-do list! Planning a move and minor renovation wasn’t in the plans so I’m extending my deadline for the fall. (Phew!) Since the east coast is expecting a hurricane tonight, I’m going to spend my weekend (inside) crossing some things off my list: reading, drinking wine and creating some art. Below are some beautiful pieces that I’ve had saved that are modern, abstract and so inspiring.

Jill Moser North Fork - Abstract Art

Rob Nadeau - Abstract Art

Abstract Art

West Elm art frame

(Artist Jill Moser, Artist Rob Nadeau, Interior Design Steven Gambrel, West Elm Artist Uknown, Yolanda Sanchez via Lonny.)

secret for lazy painters

Long weekends seem to always go hand in hand with home projects. And to-do lists. I find myself having commitment issues with paint colors. I always LOVE the ones I choose, but then I lust for other colors chosen for a client and feel the urge to repaint. So that’s what I did this past Friday. Painted.

5-6-paintbrushesapartment therapy

I hate washing brushes out, so I was happy to discover that putting your brushes in an airtight bag in the fridge or freezer will preserve them overnight. Genius!