Brooklyn Brownstone Kitchen

You probably recognize this kitchen from your favorite blogs and/or pinterest from the famous Jenna Lyons Brooklyn brownstone.   I personally have referred back to this home several times, and used this very kitchen as inspiration for current projects. So when I came across this blog post mentioning that the brownstone sold, and the new owners hired Roman and Williams to redesign the spaces I was so surprised! Don’t get me wrong, Roman and Williams is one of my favorite designers… but the spaces were so perfect! I’m not sure which I like better. I love how bright and airy the Jenna Lyons kitchen, but I so admire that every Roman and Williams design screams their name.

lyons kitchen beforeJenna Lyons Kitchen “Before”

lyons kitchen afterRoman and Williams kitchen “After”

Which do you like better? They are both so beautiful! Take a look at Domain to see the other interior photos of the spaces.

design philosophies

In any industry, it’s important to be inspired by the work of your peers. Since starting my career in interior design, I’ve always been fascinated by the work of Roman and Williams. Each space they create is unique, thoughtful and inspired. I recently came across this wonderful short documentary about their design philosophy and design and just love the way it was shot.

Roman & Williams from The Scout on Vimeo.

corner of elizabeth and prince

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Roman and Williams. The design duo has designed 15 homes in an elegant red brick building in historic New York City. The building stands out for its “traditional materials, handcrafted details, and classic design” that seamlessly fits in with its surroundings. Every living room has a fireplace and the homes have the most beautiful walnut herringbone parquet. Even with the classic interiors, the spaces still have the design firms signature industrial twist by incorporating 9 foot high glass doors dividing the living and dining rooms and trim painted high gloss black. Click here for more information on my newest interior crush.

rw nolita

rw nolita bath

rw nolita2

rw nolita3

rw nolita6

(images via Remodelista.)

ace hotel NY

Roman & Williams is arguably the year’s hottest design team. This spring, they completed the interiors for the Ace, the first East Coast hotel from hip Seattle brand run by Alexander Calderwood.


Lobby of the Ace Hotel features salvaged paneling from a Park Avenue apartment and rehabbed vintage furniture.

roman ace lobby2

roman ace lobby

Two vintage steel worktables from Brimfield Barn serve as reception desk. They have been refinished and fitted with a classic leather top.

roman ace 209

Each room has an original artwork. For 209 (above), Stephen Alesch of Roman &Williams painted his piece A Painting of a Tornado Ripping Through a Small Town directly onto a sheet of industrial wood.

roman ace bath

Rooms are are thoughtfully designed as the design team wanted to create an environment that’s hard to place in a time period.

roman ace lets get lost

Let’s get lost.

All photos Metropolis

roman and williams

I first learned of Roman and Williams when they renovated The Royalton in the city. I went there for drinks after work with some friends and instantly fell in love with the identifiable aesthetic. Their interiors are vintage and industrial and leave me with butterflies and wanting more…