light and sweet

My morning meeting was canceled because of the nasty weather we’re getting on the east coast. My car and stairs were completely covered in a sheet of ice causing me to fall, laugh by myself, and look like a psycho to my neighbors. (Why are my neighbors just standing outside in freezing rain anyway? Weirdos.) Anywho. This is just one of those mornings where I can’t drink enough coffee and my blog entries don’t make sense.

I’m going to have a productive day in my gigantic fuzzy robe and thick wool socks. Listening to pandora with my vintage coffee mug permanently in my hand.

(image via mandr.)

snow showers

I love that the blizzards of 2010 are actually accumulating to a good amount of snow. They remind me of the storms we used to get when I was younger. You know… those storms where you wore your PJs backwards and inside out so you were guaranteed a snow day from school. While I’ve appreciated the quiet that the snow brings, I’m ready for Spring. It’s hard to believe that Monday is March already!

snow audreyhep


i could never get tired of snow

Well, that’s a lie. But, I love when it snows like this. A nice storm that validates you staying in your PJs all day and watching movies. We have about 12 inches of snow out there, and are expected to get another six tonight. I’m sure you’re tired of looking at snow pictures, but here’s a few more!



all things white

So the “blizzard” over here on the east coast didn’t amount to nearly as much as the bundled up weather people anticipated. (Shocker!)  We only got about an inch or so where I live, so this didn’t stop me from going wedding dress shopping with Dana. She’s pretty hard core and is really excited about having all things wedding surround her. (It’s almost as cute as she is!) I found two really great options, and I think I may have found “the one”. It didn’t make me cry, but it made me feel like myself, only sexier.  It’s going to take some time to think about it, but I think I’m in love with the strapless, mermaid dress. Sigh.
Baum an Feldweg im Winter


snow tease

This weekends snow “storm” was such a tease with the inch of slush that we got. I would really love a snowstorm where we have to be snowed in watching re-runs of The Office with hot chocolate.

Imagine being snowed in on this lovely window seat reading a good book? This window is a perfect frame to the mountains!

fjall window seat remodelista copy