Before everyone heads off to celebrate Thanksgiving, I thought I’d share photos from our babymoon if you’d like to see…

About two weeks ago, we spent five days at the beautiful Cocos Hotel in Antigua and did nothing but relax and it felt so good. We woke up early every morning thanks to the colorful sunrise we saw directly from bed and spent the days lounging on the beach. I read an entire book that didn’t involve design or how my body might have freakish changes over the next few months. :)  We took little adventures like snorkeling and kayaking in the Caribbean. (Note: kayaking while pregnant in an ocean is not easy.) We both got massages (Ryan’s first) and the baby moved the most I have ever felt him. He must like getting pampered like his mama! Even though Ryan thought I made the term “babymoon” up, even he agrees that it was nice to have the time to relax, to not worry about time, and just to connect without technology running our lives. If you’re expecting, I highly recommend a trip before life gets crazy.

photo 1
photo 2

The view from the private beach. Those little huts are the restaurants overlooking the ocean.

photo 3

The view from our bed.

photo 4

The view from the pool.

photo 5
Our shower. Showering any other way is just silly.

photo 1
photo 2

photo 3

The day after our trip, we had our 20 week check up and our baby boy is looking healthy. Much like our first ultrasound, he wouldn’t cooperate and the technician had to bang on my belly to get him to move. (It was as comfortable as it sounds.) At some points he was even sticking his tongue out!
Now I’m 22 weeks and it’s going by so quickly. I am thankful for such an enjoyable pregnancy and for the health of this little peanut. As excited as I am to meet him, I’m going to miss this.

Los Angeles

The Stahl House was by far my favorite part of our trip to LA, but we had fun doing other things the two short days we were there. We stayed at the Andaz and we absolutely loved it! It was in a great location, was very modern and had the most beautiful rooftop pool overlooking the Hollywood Hills. We loved the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Urban lights installation. (I was kind of in love the elevator bank at the museum. Doesn’t it look very Mad Men?!) We also did one of those celebrity house tours (nerds!) and as embarrassed as I was buying the ticket, we had so much fun. Our favorite was a quick exterior tour of the Greystone Mansion that was in over 50 films (although the only one I can remember is Richie Rich!) Their gardens were so inspiring, I took way too many pictures but won’t bore you with! Imagine getting married there?! We also checked out the Getty Villa in Malibu and had lunch at Moonshadows overlooking the ocean. Literally. The bar where we sat was over the ocean! :)


Andaz Los Angeles hotel
LACMA elevators
Greystone mansion gardens
Greystone mansion gardens
Getty Villa
Moonshadows Malibu


Stahl House

Ryan and I took a trip to California for our anniversary a few weeks ago and I’d love to share some photos!  We originally started planning this trip because we won a few nights at an amazing 5 star resort in Santa Barbara (more on that later!) so we decided to extend the trip. We flew into LA, stayed for a few nights, drove up the coast to Santa Barbara, stayed a few nights, drove up the coast a little more to San Francisco where we ended our trip. Our first stop (quite literally) was going to the Stahl House, and to say I was excited was an understatement! I’m sure you’ve seen the infamous photographs by Julius Shuhlmann. I mean… they are so beautiful. During our tour, they told us that the photo of the two women chatting were actually assistants to the photographer and it was an organic shot in the moment. Isn’t that interesting? I always imagined it being a formal cocktail party and they were women chatting about their husbands.

The home is very simply laid out in the Hollywood hills and has the most breathtaking view of the city. It is a “L” shape with the kitchen, living room, and dining room one one side, and the master bedroom, bathroom, and children’s bedroom on the other. While beautiful, it wasn’t the most practical for family life today. They had one TV, in the master bedroom, and the family all watched together in their room. Also, three children shared one bedroom and in order to get to their bedroom you had to walk through the parents bedroom. The house is still owned by the children, and even one of the sons was there to chat with us.

We arrived for the tour around 6:30pm and stayed for about two hours to watch the sunset. We took photos, experienced the space during different lighting, and chatted with some fun people from all across the country. You see those glass panels in the living room? They are actually sliding doors. We sat there chatting about our trip while the most perfect breeze swept through the house and it made me giddy. Giddy to be in California, giddy to be celebrating another year with Ryan, and giddy that I feel fortunate to be designer who gets this excited by design.

Stahl House, Los Angeles
Stahl House, Los Angeles
Stahl House, Los Angeles
Stahl House, Los Angeles
Stahl House, Los Angeles

Stahl House, Los Angeles

Stahl House, Los Angeles
Stahl House, Los Angeles
Stahl House, Los Angeles
Stahl House, Los Angeles


This past weekend, Ryan and I went to Washington, DC.This little road trip was planned about six months ago and I’ve been looking forward to it ever since.

This Fall while we were babysitting our nephew Tyler, he and I were chatting about how we’ve always wanted to go to Washington, DC. He’s 10 years old, and has a love of art and history. His parents (Ryan’s sister and brother in law) do not have an interest to visit this city, so it only made sense that we bring him along with us. It was his second stay in a hotel ever, and it was so cute to see how excited he was. I feel lucky to be able to provide experiences like this, and feel fortunate to have such a strong bond with him.

We visited all the tourist spots, and went to so many museums – The Hirshorn Museum, The Holocaust Museum and The Museum of Natural History being our favorites. It was so much fun to see a city through the eyes of a child, and I am so proud of his love for art. I like to think I’m responsible for that. :) DC is such a beautiful city and I can’t wait to go back!


Washing Monument with blue sky background and flags blowing in the windThe Washington Monument


Ryan and Tyler in the Chromosaturation installation at the Hirshorn Museum

Chromosaturation by Carloz Cruz-Diez at the Hirshorn Museum. This may be my favorite installation, possibly ever. The light installation made you feel like you could physically touch the light in front of you.

Ryan and Lisa in the Chromosaturation installation at the Hirshorn Museum

Ryan and Lisa in the flourescent light installation at the Hirshorn Museum

Lisa and Tyler in the flourescent light installation at the Hirshorn Museum

Tyler in the blue tube installation at the Hirshorn Museum

Our second favorite installation at the Hirshorn Museum. We all had so much fun walking through this and were lucky to be the first ones there at opening so we could experience it by ourselves.

The Holocaust Museum Lobby in Washington DC

Dark wall with several candles lit in a brightly lit room

The above two photos are of the Holocaust Museum. It is such a beautifully designed museum and filled with so much information that we want to go back just to spend more time here. The entire museum is dark, which allows you to be somber and feel emotional about what you’re seeing. At the end, you exit through this bright memorial where they have a small flame burning with candles surrounding it.

All in all, it was a great trip ending our month of traveling. There is still so much to see within our own country. What’s next? I want to go to California and Napa but I’m thinking we’ll wait a little bit for that. :)

what happens in vegas…

…will eventually end up on my blog. :)  Our little Spring travel tour started a few weeks ago when we went to New Hope for our anniversary. I haven’t even had a minute to post additional pictures of the amazing antique furniture we bought, but that’ll be another post for the future.

Last week Ryan had a convention in Las Vegas for  work, and since I’ve never been there before, we extended his work trip into a little vacation. While he was at work, I spent the mornings eating room service and the afternoons reading by the pool. It was the most perfect weather (83 and sunny with a breeze) and was just the perfect amount of time to explore but not get in trouble.

We saw the Beatles “Love” show, and both got choked up at certain points because of how beautifully the show was presented. We went to dinner on top of the stratosphere, toured the strip, drank champagne, and gambled a bit. We also decided to take the very long drive out to the Grand Canyon after finding a deal on groupon, and I am so glad that we did this because it was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. Ever. The pictures we took don’t do it justice. I am terrified of heights, but there’s something about vacation that makes you brave and forces you to try things you would never do at home.


Ryan and Lisa standing at the rim of the Grand Canyon

Lisa sitting at the endge of the Grand Canyon

Ryan and Lisa at The Top of the World Restaurant in Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas Strip at Night from the Top of the World Restaurant


Next up, DC!

ryan’s birthday experience

Do you ever have those night’s where you’re with friends and your stomach hurts from laughing so much, and your face hurts from smiling? This was my weekend.

Instead of buying our friend’s birthday gifts, we all do a “birthday experience” to try something new together. Last week was Ryan’s birthday and since we’ve been trying to convert our friends into camp enthusiasts, this was the perfect excuse to get them outdoors. After all, they had to for Ryan.

This trip was pretty low key since we didn’t want to scare off the new campers. We went for a short hike, played an intense game of wiffle ball lakeside and spent the evenings fishing at sunset. I caught two fish, hooked Ryan’s shorts and my brother in law’s ear. They were all cute, but I threw them all back in to the lake.

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