After the website launch of BHLDN (pronounced “beholden”) earlier today, I can’t stop looking at the beautifully inspiring pieces they have. Many of you have probably already seen sneak peeks around the blogosphere, and I just couldn’t wait to see the interesting gowns. I’m loving these green slingbacks and sparkly party shoes!

Don’t worry, Ry… I’m not going to buy any more wedding shoes to try on.

pleated fantasy gown, threshhold slingbacks, moonlit peeptoes.


I don’t get it. I have such a hard time making decisions for myself, especially when it comes to the wedding. I’ve already purchased 4 pairs of shoes and none of them have worked. The first pair had heels that were too high, the second were too clunky, and the third and fourth just didn’t match and the heels were too high. After trying on my dress on Friday, I wasn’t able to get fitted because I needed my exact pair of shoes that I’ll be wearing on my wedding day. I’m happy I got to see my dress, but now I’m on the hunt to find the perfect pair of shoes… again.

I really love these Jimmy Choos, but they are completed out of my price range. The heel height and color are perfect, but I can’t see spending almost $500 on shoes. (Especially after Ryan’s car was just totaled.) I seriously love them. Every time I look at them I get butterflies.

I ordered these online in two sizes, so I’m excited to see what they look like in person. They got great reviews, and the heel looks like the right height. And I’m thinking that the extra sparkle might be fun peeking out from my dress.

I also ordered these as an alternate. I’m not as in love with them, but I want to see what they look like in person. The heel is even lower which might be best for the length of my dress.

What do you think about these options? I know what you’re thinking. This chick is crazy. :)

mexican honeymoon

It’s official. We finally picked a resort for our honeymoon! After we say “I do”, we’ll be going to Riviera Maya, Mexico for ten days and we’ll spend our time eating, drinking and lounging beachside.

I’ll have to admit that picking a location and resort for the honeymoon was the most difficult decision of the entire planning. Ryan and I haven’t been on a vacation since 2005 when we went to London, so it was important that we pick a place that was full of luxury and relaxation. When we’re not enjoying elegant meals and colorful cocktails, we’ll be getting massages in a beachfront hut, ziplining over the jungle, and exploring archaeological ruins. I keep getting caught up in wedding planning and forgetting we’re going on the most amazing vacation in less than four months! I am beyond excited!

with this ring

There are few things left on my wedding to-do list that involve decision making. Other than buying my veil, undies, and a cake cutter, the only thing left to decide on is the ring “pillow”. You know me – I’m always trying to be a little bit different, but I’m too nervous to make a full on statement.

We bought our wedding bands a few weeks ago and they’ve been sitting in my nightstand. Probably not the safest place, but I’m too lazy to lug out the heavy safe from the depths of Ryan’s closet. I keep trying on my ring and wearing it around my apartment because I love it so much. Crazy? Nah.

Rather than having a “pillow” for my adorable nephew to carry down the aisle, I think I want to do something different. I’ve noticed a lot of modern weddings on blogs have the wedding dish with their date or vows engraved. I like the idea of this because I can use it in the future to keep my jewelry in it on my nightstand or vanity.

I also love this DIY version with moss in a simple, modern box. This would be so simple to make, but Ryan prefers something more traditional. Who knew men had opinions on ring pillows?!

Which do you like better?