wedding veil inspiration

There are few movies that I can watch over and over again that can keep my attention. This past weekend I watched Bride Wars for the hundred time, leaving me laughing and crying at all the same parts like clockwork. After having my dress and shoes already picked out (yay!), my next purchase will be my veil. I love love love this veil that Emma wears in the end of the movie! I love the simple cut edge, and how it just simply drapes over her face. Now, where can I find an elbow length version of this beauty?!

pencil us in

Pencil Us In Save the Date for Wedding

When looking for save the dates, I really wanted a unique option other than a photo magnet, so I was excited when I saw this featured in an issue of the knot. I loved the general concept but wanted something that was a bit cleaner in aesthetic. We created a template in Photoshop and had them printed at a local letterpress printer. I originally wanted to attach each pencil with glue dots (like in credit card mail offers) so everyone could easily remove the pencil, but because they weren’t tacky enough I ended up using my trusty hot glue gun.

After sharpening about 70 pencils (by hand!) and assembling each save the date, I attached these modern off-centered labels to thick envelopes so the pencil wouldn’t break through. I love the way they came out and I’m so excited that the wedding planning is starting to move along! It’s hard to believe that we’ve already been engaged for ten months, and we have only six until the wedding!

your order is complete.

I love those words. There’s something about online shopping that is so exciting! I typically love instant gratification, but when that package comes in the mail, it’s like a present to myself that I forgot that I bought only days prior. I bought these shoes for our wedding and I’m so excited to get them. (I’m having them delivered to my office, so it’ll be even more of a mid-day treat!) My only hesitation is the size of the flower, but I think it’ll be perfect. My girls dresses are a purple/plum color so I thought these peeptoes would be fun peeking out from under my dress when I walk. I’ll let you know in 3-5 business days!

What do you think? Do you like white or colorful shoes better for brides?

i found my wedding dress!

I am very particular and indecisive when it comes to insignificant things. For instance, a few years ago my parents gave me a digital camera for Christmas, but I wasn’t sure if I liked it because the corners were a little bit rounded. There’s also a specific wooden spoon that I like to cook with, but only because it has a thin handle. See? Told you. Insignificant.

So, can you image how long it took me to find a wedding dress? I think I started about 5 months ago, and after almost 50 dresses, I’ve finally found “the one”. I didn’t cry, or jump up and down. But as soon as they cinched in my waste with the standard bridal-salon-home-depot-clips,  I knew it. It’s a fitted mermaid gown with a rouched bodice and simple, classic train. Here’s a sneak peak.

Every bridal consultant looked at me like I was nuts when I said I wanted little to no glitzy beading, and no tulle. Isn’t that what all bridal gowns are made of?! It was like a needle in a hay stack, but I found it.

I’ve been to “just a few” places to try on dresses and I put together a list of tips to make the experience more enjoyable:

1. Even though it’s tempting to show up on Sunday in your comfy yoga pants and a pony tail, I’ve found that when I did my hair and make up it gave me a better outlook on dress shopping.

2. If you’re being negative about the process, reschedule your appointment. I needed to be positive and patient to enjoy the experience.

3. DO NOT GO WITH TOO MANY PEOPLE. It’s temping to invite every woman you know, but you’re the only person who knows what you like. Trust yourself, and do not listen to others opinions. I learned this the hard way.

4. Wear cute undies. You spend a good part of the appointment in your skivvies, and it’s easy to feel vulnerable. Wearing something cute makes it much less awkward.

5. Do not try on dresses outside of your budget. Even if it’s $500 over and you think this could be an issue. You’ll end up crying in the fitting room… while in your cute undies.

engagement fashion

I keep thinking about what I’ll wear when Ryan and I take our engagement pictures. We probably won’t take them until the end of summer, so I still have some time. How adorable is Danni’s outfit for this shoot?! I could wear it every day of the week! (Maybe it’s because I have a thing for skeleton keys!)