wouldn’t it be nice

I hope you all had as great of a weekend as I did.

On Saturday, I went out to dinner in Hoboken with a group of girls I have basically grown up with. My best friends, Kelsey and Dana, toasted to me and Ryan and it was one of those nights where I was laughing with tears in my eyes. There were lyrics quoted, and memories of our young, puppy love shared. It was a perfect night and I’m so thankful to have had such a beautiful night with friends.

On Sunday, Ryan and I scouted locations for our wedding photos next year. I know it’s really early, but we wanted to see what would be in bloom this time next year. (I’ve become hyper organized in my old age of 26.) We came across a sweet little “village” of historic houses that have been turned into a museum in a local park. I was so happy to stumble upon an old barn, a schoolhouse, and a chapel. How perfect would it be to take wedding photos in an old chapel?! It has the most beautiful wood ceiling, and brick flooring. When Ryan asked an employee what their hours of operation were, the teenaged dream killer said that they aren’t open on Saturdays (the day we’ll be getting married) so we can’t take photos inside. I wish I knew someone, who knew someone to make this happen. We’ll see. We do have 356 days after all.

cutest wedding favors

Ryan and I have changed our minds a lot when it came to choosing a wedding venue. At first, we had our heart set on getting married in the Poconos. Then we thought we wanted to have it catered at a local art gallery. But, now we’re getting married in a garden and having the reception in a modern venue near our hometowns. (A perfect location for a small, intimate wedding next Spring). I’m never indecisive when it comes to clients at work, but when it’s something personal, I can never commit to an idea. (Clearly I do not have commitment issues.) When we considering getting married outdoors in the Poconos, I thought these favors were the sweetest idea! They are so perfect for any outdoorsy party and a fun, interactive gift!

(elizabethan designs via apartment 34.)

a night to celebrate love

This weekend, my sister (maid of honor) organized a surprise engagement dinner for me and Ryan! It was my first surprise party, and the first wedding related event since we’ve been engaged. Ryan and I were supposed to be babysitting my nephew but my sister’s plan “fell through” so we all went out to dinner instead. I thought our night would consist of jumping on the trampoline or bowling night, but my family had a different plan. They’re lucky that I’m so easy going, and that I didn’t show up in my sweatpants like I considered wearing to babysit.

It was so nice to have an intimate group of our families and friends together enjoying good food and wine. Ryan’s 8 year old nephew (and Jr. Best man), Tyler, even gave an adorable toast to practice for his best man speech at the wedding. It was a night filled with laughs, and a few teary moments and I’m so excited for the celebrations over the next year!

(image via snippet and ink which inspired our wedding.)

save the dates

I have pretty much everything planned for our wedding except the save the date. It seems like everything is cutsie and girly and that’s not me… or us. I’m debating whether or not we should put our photo on it, because I highly doubt people want to stare at us for 6 months! I like the handmade feel of these, but they still look modern and interesting. What do you think?

(I can’t remember where these are from! If you know, please let me know so I can credit original source.)