Artistic Tile Wood Grain

Wood Tiles?

Typically I’m not a fan of materials pretending to be something that they’re not, but this tile may have change my mind. I was shopping for a kitchen back splash and some bathroom tiles this week and spotted this porcelain tile in the showroom. It is the most beautiful greyish brown color and actually looks like wood. Weird. I’m just waiting to use this in a basement or bathroom renovation!

Artistic Tile Wood Grain

the blue house

Since we’re waiting for the floors to dry, we’re spending some time on the exterior to give it a bit more curb appeal. The front of the house gets amazing sunlight the majority of the day, but there was a small section of the wood shingles that had peeling paint from age. After taping a drop clothe to the foundation to protect the soil below, we scraped the chipping paint, and then repainted this section.

Ever since we started working on the house, the neighbors have slowly started their own projects and Ryan thinks we’re inspiring them. I’m excited to see how much inspiration I give them tomorrow afternoon when I completely landscape the front garden.

Scrapped off exterior paint

wood invitations

I really love these invitations printed on wood veneer! I just can’t see spending over $1k on invitations people will eventually throw out. For all those of you who have endless amount of money, please use these invitations just to make me happy. Okay? Thanks.

willow-set oslo press

wood partition

We’ve lived in our studio for a little over two years, and the novelty of living here is wearing away. Of course when we first moved in, we were super excited to have a place of our own. But, now as we’re collecting more “stuff” and we’re realizing we have no room to store items we’re getting more anxious to buy a house. We’ve thought of trying to turn the studio into a one bedroom, but having such a funny floor plan didn’t make much sense for resale.

Sooo… this is the inspiration for our next project. Instead of making the studio into a one bedroom, we’re going to partition off the bedroom area, and rearrange the furniture so it has a more “bedroom” feel. While our DVR is great, there are times where I can watch so many sports! Ryan scored a great deal on a TV we have in storage so now we’ll finally have two TV’s and we won’t have to debate which is better to watch: Jets vs. Chick Flick.

The partition will have stained wooden slats similar to this image found on my new favorite website, Unhappy Hipsters. Now we just need to find someone’s garage to use so we can stain all those bad boys!

tumblr_kwvlhibgJD1qam6ylo1_500 dwell via unhappyhip